After learning about Bitcoin, I became intrigued with how it could play a beneficial role in our business. In my opinion and experience with the technology, Bitcoin lets our business accept payments without holding sensitive data, reduces transaction fees, eliminates chargebacks, and widens our international reach. We pass on these savings onto our customers,

Every bitcoin payment on gets a 3% discount at checkout (forever).

This fits with our founding principles.

  • Respect for the person wearing MASLEY™ Gloves
  • Respect for the person making MASLEY™ Gloves

Focusing on these two principles instills innovation and quality into every pair of MASLEY™ Gloves.

Going forward, we are making a commitment to keep our earnings in Bitcoin for the benefit of the crypto currency movement. We think blockchain technology can inspire a world financial network that mirrors the efficiency, democratization, and interconnectivity that we love in the internet.  In turn we will explore ways to spend our reserve bitcoin by paying our suppliers to the business –  whether it be materials for making gloves, freight companies, utility companies for heating and cooling our factory and possibly (if requested) bonuses to our glove team members.

Our bitcoin sales aren’t holding up our business so we luckily have the opportunity to have this sort of flexibility. We hope that by being first-movers to explore the possibilities of this technology in the manufacturing industry, we’ll benefit in the long run from the unique relationships we’ll make with customers and suppliers.

If people wish to wear MASLEY™ Gloves and pay in bitcoin, we happily respect this decision and pass along the savings.


Frank Masley, CEO of MASLEY Enterprises Inc.


Frank Masley (center) discussing community improvements with Mayor Dennis Williams (right). Wilmington, Delaware.

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