A Dollar Bill will come in handy for measuring your hand size if you do not have access to a printer for the Hand Sizing Tool.

Don’t have a ruler? You can download a mobile app on Android / Apple iOS / Windows Phone / Blackberry to make these measurements. Be sure to calibrate your app by using objects with well known measurements (coins & bills). 

A US dollar bill is cut at a length of approximately 155 mm. Use this as your guide (or mark relevant measurements on a scrap of paper).

With a ruler and pencil, mark these notations onto the dollar bill (in the margin of the bill).


Slide the folded Dollar between your index finger and middle finger.

Estimate the length of your Index Finger as 80mm, 75mm, 70mm, 66mm or 62mm. Do this by viewing where your index finger stops on the marks made earlier.

(Sizing PDF-Print used as reference, not required for actual sizing with dollar).


Now measure your hand width. This is a bit trickier because the width of your hand is measured at a location approximately 17mm (5/8 inch) below the base of your index finger.

Place your hand across the width of a Dollar Bill and estimate the width to line up with the colored vertical lines.

(In this demo, the PDF-printed Hand represents how to align the dollar along your actual hand)


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