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Utility – A1 Glove System (in 4 colors)

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Product Description

Designed for Durability, Water Resistance and Great Dexterity – Much more than a standard utility glove.  It is well suited for the active soldier performing fast missions – where there is a need to operate radios, fire weapons, tie knots, load equipment, etc.  The combination of lightweight superior materials and a unique construction produce great dexterity to allow one to excel in their performance while still being protected by a tough durable glove.

Environmental range is broad, from hot 100+F climates, down to moderate cold at approximately 20F when worn with liners.

The HANDLOGIC Glove Sizing System provides a custom selection for best fit and tactility.  The size number equals length of index finger (mm) and letter “N” or “W” corresponds to width of palm.

We guarantee quality workmanship and materials to satisfy not just a specification but you the human end user.  Made in USA.

AVAILABLE IN: Woodland Camo, Black, Day Desert Camo and Coyote


These special liners are designed to fit inside the UTILITY-A1 glove shell and provide extra warmth when needed.

A good fit integration with the UTILITY-A1 glove is achieved by the liners’ appropriate thickness, stretch and long length cuff.

The fiber content is Thermolite BASE and Lycra for built-in warmth without weight, even when wet.

Size X-Large fits with glove sizes 80W & 75W.

Size Large fits with glove sizes 75N & 70W.

Size Medium fits with glove size 70N & 66N.

Made in USA.

Additional Information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm

Woodland Camo 70N, Woodland Camo 75N, Woodland Camo 75W, Woodland Camo 70W, Day Desert Camo 80N, Day Desert Camo 80W, Day Desert Camo 75W, Day Desert Camo 70N, Day Desert Camo 66N, Black 80W, Black 75W, Black 75N, Black 70W, Black 70N, Black 66W, Black 66N, Coyote 75W, Coyote 75N,


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